George Brown, OBHS launch of Lucie and Thornton Blackburn Conference Centre

November 14, 2016

George Brown College and the Ontario Black History Society have launched the Lucie and Thornton Blackburn Conference Centre, which is George Brown’s first large-scale conference facility. George Brown explains that the facility is named after the entrepreneurs and philanthropists who settled in Toronto in the 1830s after fleeing slavery in the United States. “We are delighted to be honouring the important legacy of Lucie and Thornton Blackburn at our new conference centre,” remarked Anne Sado, President of George Brown. “The Blackburns were contemporaries of our namesake, George Brown, and together worked on anti-slavery initiatives. In many ways, their story mirrors our own commitment to supporting the aspirations of a remarkably diverse student body by instilling in them the values of entrepreneurship, activism and leadership.” Four students from George Brown’s School of Design have also created a mural at the centre depicting the namesakes' story. GBC