German MOOC provider launches first 6 courses

October 16, 2013

Yet another MOOC provider has entered the market as Germany’s iversity began offering its first 6 courses on Monday with over 115,000 students enrolled. The courses are the first of 24 that iversity hopes to offer, seeking to enrol one million students in more than 100 MOOCs by the end of next year. iversity CEO Marcus Riecke told TechCrunch that it is still considering various business models for monetizing the platform, including payments by students for the final certificate of a MOOC, and matching graduates of its MOOCs with job opportunities that fit the course subject matter. “Before extracting revenues, real demonstrable value for the end user is key: therefore, we want to get to greater scale economies first and genuinely improve the lives of our users by the kinds of education opportunities we have provided,” says Riecke. Chronicle of Higher Education | TechCrunch | iversity News Release