Germany moves a step closer to abolishing all tuition fees

October 1, 2014

Another German state, Hamburg, has moved to eliminate tuition fees in the wake of last month’s election of the centre-left Social Democrats. A spokesperson for the party said, “tuition fees keep young people from low-income families from studying and are socially disruptive.” Hamburg officials say they are confident that any shortfalls can be made up for through cuts and reallocations. However, administrators at the country’s universities are concerned that the move will lead to crippling funding gaps. “It is a catastrophe for the university. We were obliged to spend the fees we received on investment in teaching, and it gave us the chance to improve the teaching and infrastructure,” said Holger Fischer, VP of Hamburg University. Germany has a tradition of providing free education, and Fischer says that at this point fees will be difficult to re-introduce at a later date. The Guardian(UK)