A glimpse into the University of Everywhere

February 24, 2015

An article in the Washington Post by Kevin Carey, Director of the Education Policy Program at the US-based nonprofit New America Foundation, imagines the future "University of Everywhere," a model of education that will emerge from the work of organizations such as edX, Coursera, and Udacity. Under this model, courses will be organized around sequences that are similar to majors, but are of variable length. In many cases, they will be built around immersive digital learning environments developed by millions of educators collaborating with one another. Businesses, colleges, universities, and nonprofit education providers will compete with one another using sophisticated artificial intelligence tools that will challenge and motivate students; these groups will work alongside a growing industry of student support organizations that will provide counseling, tutoring, advising, learning aids, and study groups. Many courses will be free, while others may come at a manageable fee to cover assessment costs. Students may learn alone, or may collaborate with others across the Internet. "The higher learning places of the future will be portals as much as meeting places, connected to the global University of Everywhere beyond," writes Carey. Washington Post