Globe challenges “moral high ground” of students calling for fossil fuel divestment

April 4, 2016

“Students who prefer to occupy the moral high ground don’t have to look far for a cause to rally around,” writes the Globe and Mail, as seen among “students who insist universities should lead the fight against climate change rather than support polluting industries.” The editorial cites recent petitions and protests by Canadian university students demanding that their institutions divest from fossil fuel companies. Yet the Globe argues that such students “are in an enviable position to voice their hopeful ultimatums without the constraints and occasional hypocrisies of real-world responsibility.” The piece concludes by challenging the comparisons that students have allegedly made between divestment from fossil fuels and the divestment campaign that helped end Apartheid in South Africa. “Fossil fuels are different,” states the article, “society will need them for years to come, and there is no way for the entire planet to ditch them entirely and immediately without widespread harm.” Globe and Mail