GPRC cuts 27 positions, ends ESL programming

April 27, 2012

27 Grande Prairie Regional College staff members were laid off last week as part of efforts by the college to balance its 2012-13 budget. The board approved the budget Thursday, announcing the cuts and corporate restructuring, which will include the creation of 14 new positions. GPRC president Don Gnatiuk says base funding from the Alberta government has not kept up with salaries, benefits, supplies, and services, and as a result, the institution must change its business practices. In addition to the layoffs, GPRC will no longer offer ESL services, which have not received provincial funding for more than 5 years. The decision to move these services to a local provider is part of the college's plan to focus resources on its core business: credit students and programs. Demand for ESL programming at GPRC was limited and the number of students moving from ESL to credit programming was low. GPRC News (Budget) | GPRC News (ESL) | Grande Prairie Herald-Tribune