Grads need better preparation for the realities of the workplace, commentary

June 24, 2013

A York University professor tells the sobering truth to students who believe the myth that simply obtaining a university degree is a sure ticket to a good job, in recent commentary in the Toronto Star. Thomas Klassen points out that employers are looking for students who have demonstrated a passion for a subject or activity, and contributions outside of the classroom, and that it’s unrealistic for young graduates to expect to land a full-time, permanent and high-paying job straight out of university. Klassen also discusses ways in which to prepare students for the “stressful, complex and uncertain transition from PSE to work”: ensure they have realistic expectations, help them understand that their academic performance, and not just the degree in hand, is what employers look for so that they can adjust their programs and schedules accordingly, and prepare them to be more flexible in their job search, which may mean applying in other countries or to temporary and part-time positions.The Toronto Star