Graduates turn to additional degrees for edge on job market

September 26, 2014

Young Canadian professionals are turning to professional degrees to give them an edge in a competitive job market, and universities are responding with interdisciplinary graduate programs, reports Maclean’s. Many students are also looking to complement previous degrees with further education. According to Benjamin Tal, a CIBC World Markets economist, a university education is not delivering the value, in terms of income and employment, as it once did, as employers increasingly look for experience and skills on top of a robust education. However, having too much education can backfire, warns Tal. “At one point, especially at the PhD level, you have a lot of people who are way overqualified and are actually finding it more difficult to find a job than people with a BA or an MA. This person also graduates … with no job experience.” Many students look to an MBA to provide the kind of business credentials they need to impress employers, and find that the degree equips them with the vocabulary they need to translate technical skills from their training in health sciences or engineering to the marketplace. Maclean’s