Greek organizations report growing numbers in spite of bad press

March 17, 2015

Membership in fraternities and sororities in North America is increasing, despite a recent spate of bad press. "Average chapter sizes are up, the number of chapters on campuses are up, and in terms of the different types of groups—culturally based groups from historically African-American to Southeast Asian to Latino—those chapters are growing," said David Stollman, a Phi Delta Theta member and founder of an anti-hazing support group. There were reportedly 114,330 new fraternity members in North America in 2013–14, up 45% from 7 years earlier. Meanwhile, the National Panhellenic Council, an organization representing 26 sororities in the US and Canada, reported 140,000 new members in the last academic year, a 75% increase over 7 years ago. Some commentators suggest that membership in Greek organizations appeals to goal-oriented millennials looking to establish a strong network of professional connections. Advocates of fraternities and sororities say that recent scandals represent "outlying behaviours," and that Greek organizations also perform a great deal of positive work in their communities. CBC