Health researchers need to publicly publish results through “open science”: Opinion

June 2, 2021
Health researchers should publicly publish their results by using “open science” so that the public and other researchers can access important health information, writes Dr Kelly Cobey of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. The author explains that research results are sometimes not shared or are paywalled. Cobey explains that this creates a barrier to researchers and members of the public who are interested in or who would benefit from the findings. The author notes that Canada’s funding agencies were not among the “Coalition S,” which would see funded papers made publicly available, and does not keep a public record of funded studies that meet the requirements of being publicly accessible. “The pandemic has allowed us to reflect on these broad and longstanding issues with the status quo of our scientific system,” writes Cobey. “We need research policies that value research quality and that incentivize open science.” Ottawa Citizen (Editorial)