Hearst SMA emphasizes contributions to French-language education, experiential learning

August 27, 2014

Ontario has released the strategic mandate agreement (SMA) it signed with Université de Hearst. The SMA identifies as Hearst’s key areas of differentiation its role as Ontario’s only directly funded French-language university, its innovative block system, and its focus on experiential learning. Hearst is cited as an important vehicle for social and economic development in northeastern Ontario, a strength that is facilitated by the institution’s Learning Integration Centres and its Regional Research and Intervention Centre in Community Economic Development. The SMA also notes Hearst’s implementation of mandatory work placements in its Human and Social Issues programs as well as optional work placements in its Business Administration and Transition programs. Hearst’s commitment to maintaining a high ratio of salaries linked to instruction expenses is also highlighted in the SMA. The SMA notes that Hearst is the first French-language university in Canada, and the only university in Ontario, to currently offer block courses. The SMA identifies 4 proposed program areas of growth: business administration, psychology/social services, translation, and interdisciplinary studies. Hearst SMA