HEQCO "goes bold" in new report on university differentiation

July 14, 2016

It is time for Ontario to “go bold” by using its funding formula to promote the differing strengths in its universities, according to a new report by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario. The report argues that ON can increase postsecondary access, outcomes, and financial sustainability by encouraging universities to build on their current areas of focus and expertise, and specifically calls for the province to invest in the University of Toronto as its “flagship” institution, adding that the school “stands alone as Ontario’s lead contender for international, top-tier status.” HEQCO President Harvey Weingarten explains that “trying to make all institutions to be all things to all people … offers less real choice to students, threatens rather than strengthens the unique contributions and qualities of each of our institutions and is simply not affordable for either students or taxpayers.” HEQCO | Report