HEQCO peer review panel to evaluate Ontario PSE institutions' mandate submissions

October 16, 2012

The Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has requested that the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario set up a peer review panel to evaluate the strategic mandate submissions from the provinces' 44 public colleges and universities. The documents will be evaluated in terms of their "ability to achieve significant improvements in productivity, quality and affordability through both innovation and differentiation." The panel will identify those institutions "whose submissions demonstrate the greatest ability to serve as lead institutions...those that provide the most compelling and promising visions, mandate statements and plans that advance government policies, objectives and goals...The lead institutions selected through this exercise would be the first to receive funding to pursue their mandates starting as early as 2013-14." To inform the ministry's selection of lead institutions, HEQCO will provide its final appraisals to the province in February. HEQCO has posted on its website links to the mandate submissions from nearly all of the institutions. HEQCO