HEQCO president offers institutions guide on how to ask for government funding

March 21, 2012

With just days until Ontario tables its budget, it's not an easy time to appear cap in hand before government -- but not impossible if you do it right, suggests Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario president Harvey Weingarten. When you meet with government officials, pitch your answer as a solution to a political problem, he says. Use politicians' language and write things in ways they understand. Be patient with government, as it can take several years for politicians to get something done, and that's not always a bad thing. "We should be fearful if government makes policy quickly; it’s either when there is insufficient consultation, or in the middle of election frenzy," Weingarten says. "Put some skin in the game," he states; what can set you apart from others "is that you have shown a sufficient commitment to something to have already allocated resources." Margin Notes (University Affairs blog) |  Toronto Star