HEQCO publishes report on use of workshops for skill development

August 29, 2014

A new report from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario sheds light on the value of workshops as a means to help health sciences students in large group settings develop teamwork and collaboration skills. Researchers examined 129 undergraduate health sciences students at McMaster University, who volunteered to participate in workshops focused on the needs of children with Down syndrome and autism. 55 of the students participated in a facilitated workshop, which included a guided discussion about interprofessional teamwork. The research found no discernible difference in student learning between the facilitated and non-facilitated workshops; however, students in the non-facilitated workshop indicated that they would have preferred a more guided discussion. Students in the non-facilitated group also said that focus groups provided a positive experience for discussion and learning, while those in the facilitated group did not. Report Summary | Full Report