HEQCO report finds dual credit pathways benefit students

June 25, 2014

Programs that offer educational pathways to non-traditional students, such as dual credit and School Within a College (SWAC), can help students gain required credits for high school graduation, ease the transition into PSE, and improve grades, according to a new report by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO). The report focuses on the dual credit and SWAC programs offered by George Brown College, finding that the programs had several benefits for participating students. Notably, GPAs for students in both programs increased; the GPA for students in the dual credit program increased from 65% to 74%, and the GPA for the SWAC students increased from 49% to 71%. The majority of students in the 2 programs agreed that participation made a difference in their choice to attend PSE or not. In addition, 90% of the students said that the programs helped them prepare to apply for and attend PSE. HEQCO Summary | Full Report