Homeowners near Conestoga push back against student housing, London report says more needed

February 9, 2017

Residents in Kitchener's Doon Valley Drive area are pushing to prevent an empty parcel of land from being developed into student housing, reports CBC. In recent years, the area has reportedly seen a major increase in homes being bought and repurposed to accommodate student living, a trend that many in the area say has degraded their neighbourhood. “We want more families in the area, we don't want boarding houses,” says local resident Daryl Howes-Jones. In London, Ontario, a new report by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp has shown that London’s off-campus student housing hasn't kept pace with growing PSE enrolment. The London Free Press notes that much of the extra enrollment in London has been absorbed by the ‘secondary’ rental market that is not targeted at students. CBC (Conestoga) | London Free Press