Hootsuite profiles Ryerson’s innovative use of social media

July 9, 2014

Social media management software provider HootSuite has profiled in its blog the innovative ways in which 3 universities, including Ryerson University, use social media. Ryerson is recognized for the effective way its social media teams make the “digital hand-off” of students between different university teams. The institution streamlined its social media strategy by forming a committee of social media practitioners, and notifies students about relevant social media accounts as they progress through the admissions funnel. The procedure saves students from a deluge of repetitive tweets, and ensures a good signal-to-noise ratio. The blog post also examines the University of Southern California’s social listening practices, which it uses to draw the interest of, engage with, and convert potential students. The blog post also highlights USC’s YouTube series Dorms, a riff on MTV’s Cribs. Ohio State University, meanwhile, effectively uses social media to engage with alumni on Facebook with timely content. HootSuite Blog