Hopes still high for an architecture school at uSask

February 25, 2013

Saskatoon will host some of North America's leading architects at an upcoming symposium to garner support for a long-awaited architecture school at the University of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is the only province west of the Maritimes without a professional school of architecture and the majority of students who leave the province for their education do not return to Saskatchewan to practice architecture. "It's very difficult, ultimately, to attract and retain architects in Saskatchewan," says a Saskatoon architect who helped put together the 3-part symposium, which runs from February 28 to March 18. If and when the school gets up and running, the architect says, a distinctly Saskatchewan style of architecture could emerge that reflects the culture and climate of the Prairies. Discussions about building an architecture school in Saskatoon began in 2008, but the university has yet to decide if it will build the school. Saskatoon Star-Phoenix