How educational developers are saving higher ed amid COVID-19

May 8, 2020

“Since the COVID crisis, ed devs across the country […] have finally had the chance to prove that we do a whole lot more than just help faculty turn on their computers,” writes Kathleen Bortolin, a Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Specialist at Vancouver Island University. Speaking from her experience as an educational developer during the pandemic, Bortolin highlights some of the challenging, but important tasks she has engaged in—such as supporting faculty in curriculum and course design, and developing online testing strategies—in order to allow the institution to continue delivering quality learning experiences. “As many of us wonder […] what if anything we’ll take and keep doing differently after life returns to normal (or near-normal),” concludes Bortolin, “I hope one is a greater awareness of what teaching and learning centres do, and how educational developers are a valuable asset to faculty, curriculum, students, and institutions.” Dr Bortolin (National)