How to leave your job gracefully: IHE contributor

June 13, 2017

“As you embark on your next career steps, how do you manage a graceful and less stressful departure from your current job?” asks Michael Matrone in Inside Higher Ed. Although a new job offer can often tempt one to “go out in a blaze of glory,” the author argues, the fact remains that the manner in which someone leaves a job has professional implications for the future. To this end, the author offers a set of tips for leaving a job gracefully, and these tips include determining the appropriate time to inform a supervisor about the change, choosing one’s transition dates wisely, and leaving clear and up-to-date contact information with the former employer. “As career advisers, our mantra is to create a plan,” Matrone concludes. “And here, I advise that an exit strategy needs to be incorporated into your overall career plan, both now and in all of your future jobs.” Inside Higher Ed