How Ontario universities used digital marketing at the OUF

September 24, 2014

New data offer insight on how some of Ontario’s universities are using digital marketing tools to reach prospective students. The data, based on the practices of institutions at the recent Ontario Universities Fair (OUF), breaks down universities’ use of data capture, program-specific email, action items in email, and social media integration, as well as how quickly they responded to contacts after the event. According to the report, few universities are taking advantage of customer relationship management (CRM) software or marketing automation, though several featured innovative digital approaches to attracting attention. Nipissing University collected Twitter handles from students for post-OUF engagement, while Queen’s University and York University featured “tagboards” that visually represented social media interactions with prospective students. Other institutions found a low-tech approach to be most effective. Algoma University reported that it saw an increase in leads since switching back to paper-based data collection from a digital method, which it says is more reflective of the institution and the type of student it hopes to attract. Soshal Blog Post