How pedagogy can benefit higher education: Opinion

December 6, 2020

Rejection of pedagogy because of the writing of a few education specialists is untenable, write Debby Cotton, Elizabeth Cleaver, and Dilly Fung. In response to an earlier article denouncing pedagogy, the authors explain that every discipline has its own language, and that the job of those in education is to translate the language for others to understand. They describe how an expert in the field should be able to sift through inconsistent or poor research on pedagogy from a position of knowledge. The article advocates for those in education to recognize that some pedagogical principles can be applied similarly across disciplines to provide new ways of thinking and doing. “Those academics who are willing to doubt what they think they know and to interrogate critically tacit assumptions, received wisdom and ‘common sense’ are demonstrating a truly scholarly approach to being educators,” write the authors. Times Higher Ed (International)