How PhDs can escape the limiting label of “trained researcher”

March 23, 2017

“Don’t let the fact that you have a PhD limit the way you see yourself,” writes Jennifer Polk for University Affairs, adding that “one of the important discoveries I made about myself after my PhD was that I wasn’t much interested in doing research for research’s sake.” Polk admits that seeing oneself as a trained researcher can be a good thing if it helps a PhD graduate find a fulfilling career. But if seeing oneself as only a researcher limits one’s sense of possibility, then Polk advises that person to look beyond this label. “If your own values and priorities may have shifted over the past little while, you’re not alone,” the author adds. “Take some time to reassess what’s important to you and see how well your current work and life align with that. This can be a scary process, but we know the alternative is even worse.” University Affairs