How Windsor institutions are addressing student stress during exam time

December 4, 2012

Windsor PSE schools are ramping up services to help their students cope with rising stress. Because the exam period is often a tipping point for many students, St. Clair College is boosting mental health support services by offering after-hours counselling, student peer and tutoring support, having the Distress Centre of Windsor-Essex County on campus, running yoga classes, and handing out free health snacks and water in an effort to lower stress. At the University of Windsor, demand for counselling centre services has more than doubled since the centre first opened in 1999, and rose 15% to 20% over last year. Along with students struggling at exam time, many first-year students at uWindsor are also at great risk, says a university official. The institution has enhanced support efforts for that group that include having residential advisers available, plus a growing array of peer and educational programs. Windsor Star