Huawei funding of Canadian universities has some experts worried

December 2, 2019

Canadian universities’ financial ties to the controversial tech company Huawei is provoking concern from some tech and national security experts, reports CBC. In their report, CBC states that it has found that the value of Huawei's financial ties to Canadian universities is more than $56M, with no federal guidelines around how these investments should be managed and disclosed. While Huawei’s VP of Corporate Affairs Alkykhan Velshi says that fears regarding the company are “overblown and not really based on fact,” Carleton University Professor Stephanie Carvin argues that Huawei’s entanglement with the Chinese government deserves its own consideration. University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab Senior Research Associate Christopher Parsons encourages the government to give universities guidance about “the processes that need to be put place to receive money from Huawei — or any other Chinese company, for that matter." CBC (National)