Humanities provide students with high demand skills: Opinion

November 5, 2020
Humanities can be a good choice for grade 12 students who are considering what field to pursue, writes Shawna Dolansky, Associate Professor in the College of Humanities at Carleton University. Citing a report from the Royal Bank of Canada, the authors note that skills commonly developed in the humanities, such as cultural awareness, language and adaptability, critical thinking, and problem solving will be in high demand in the future. The author writes that humanities students are often able to find well-paying jobs, and that in the current context, the workforce will require people who are conscious of others’ perspectives and experiences. “Technological skills, vocational training and scientific disciplines are clearly essential,” concludes Dolansky. “But humanities make scientists better at their work and as people, a fact that employers are increasingly coming to recognize.” Ottawa Citizen (National)