Humanities scholarship changing with the times

April 3, 2014

The research and work being done in humanities departments today is “not as divorced from our times – or from the realities of industry and the economy,” as some often think, states Kevin Kee, AVP Research at Brock University and the Canada Research Chair in Digital Humanities, in a recent Globe and Mail op-ed. Kee discusses the transformation of study in the humanities over the course of his education and career, from a time when research was limited to libraries and publication was limited to print publications, to today, where audiovisual content that can easily be included with research and digital scholarship allows for instant publication and feedback. “This is not the end of the reflective, careful and curated scholarship of traditional university publishing. There are times when we need to go slow. Instead, it is a sign of the support for alternative ways of sharing knowledge with the world. The ivory tower now has wi-fi and an open door,” concludes Kee. Globe and Mail