Huron receives strong marks in NSSE

February 13, 2012

National Survey of Student Engagement results published by Maclean's show that Huron University College finished first out of 62 Canadian universities in both of the senior-year students' categories reported. Senior students rated Huron more highly than did first-year students in response to the question, "If you could start over, would you go to the institution you are now attending?" Huron students also rated the institution tops in their response to the question, "How would evaluate your entire educational experience at this institution?" with senior students scoring Huron first and first-year students sixth. "We are thrilled with these results since they represent our students’ opinion of their experience at Huron,” says principal Stephen McClatchie. "Even though our senior students have placed Huron at the top we are committed to further improvement as we embark on an ambitious action plan to enrich the Huron student experience." Huron News | Maclean's OnCampus