IHE contributor speaks to benefits of non-tenure-track jobs

October 6, 2016

“I do love being off the tenure track, and I say this having been off it for nigh on eight years as well as having been on it previously at a small liberal arts college,” writes Gina Brandolino for Inside Higher Ed. The author cites research showing the growing trend toward full-time non-tenure-track jobs at US universities, and adds that she feels the trend is a positive one, arguing that “tenure provides a mantle of protection that too often makes not the brilliant and daring, but the lazy and careless and sometimes malevolent virtually untouchable.” Further, Brandolino argues that most non-tenure-track jobs contain an academic freedom clause that offers protections similar to those of tenure. The author concludes by highlighting four common misconceptions about the nature and worth of non-full-time academic jobs. Inside Higher Ed