The importance of supporting youth with foster care experience in pursuing education: Opinion

July 22, 2021
Youth living in foster care need support to help them pursue postsecondary education, writes Dalhousie University Professor Jacqueline Gahagan. The author explains that youth who live or lived in care are particularly vulnerable, and that those who have completed secondary school or postsecondary education have a better chance at employment. Gahagan explains that tuition waiver programs without age caps are more accessible to older students, and argues that wraparound supports can help students thrive through reducing financial, social, and other barriers. “[W]e need to see greater leadership from both within the post-secondary education sector as well as in foster care settings across Canada to ensure we aren’t continuing the cycle of poor health, social and economic outcomes among vulnerable segments of the population,” writes Gahagan. The Conversation (Editorial)