Incoming uToronto president suggests funding boost

November 8, 2013

Incoming University of Toronto President Meric Gertler has begun calling on the Ontario government to set up a special funding formula for uToronto to help cover the high cost of the research “for which it is hailed around the world.” “We’re saying to the government, if you’re really serious about wanting different universities to play to their different strengths, this is our strength and you need to adjust the funding for us in a way that acknowledges that,” says Gertler. He also warns that Ontario’s plan to stop institutions from charging a full “flat fee” for as little as 60% of a course load would cost uToronto $16 million a year in lost income that it will struggle to replace. The money from flat fees helps uToronto enhance students’ experience through such initiatives as research opportunities for undergraduates and a grant that allows small classes to study abroad for a week, says Gertler. Toronto Star