Increased risk for drug overdoses amidst return to campus: Wyton

August 18, 2021
As students in British Columbia return to campus, they may be at an increased risk from drug overdoses, writes Moira Wyton of The Tyee, and postsecondary institutions must address the issue through harm reduction. The drug trade has reportedly become more unpredictable, and drug testing has revealed an increase in toxic substances in the drugs at a time when students may have a reduced tolerance to drugs. University of British Columbia PhD student Samara Mayer argues that students need low-barrier, peer-delivered harm reduction services, including resources at parties and peer-led response teams. Mayer states that institutions should incorporate compulsory harm reduction education. UBC’s student union has been holding naloxone training and peer support training, but some say that the issue must be addressed by the province as well. “The university, and we as students, can’t control the drug supply. There definitely should be a safe supply on campuses across BC so we can focus on prevention and harm reduction,” said Saad Shoaib, UBC’s AMS VP of external affairs. The Tyee (BC)