Increasing postsecondary student engagement through K-12 teaching techniques: Opinion

November 19, 2020
Postsecondary instructors can increase student engagement by using K-12 teaching techniques within their classrooms, writes Janet Wood Varner, a veteran K-12 teacher and current postsecondary instructor. Varner found that students in the postsecondary classroom were used to instructors presenting information to students, rather than focusing on student engagement, and encourages postsecondary instructors to consider adopting teaching techniques from the K-12 classroom. These include total participation techniques, reflective activities, flexible student grouping, and exploratory activities, all of which can lead to increased student engagement and learning. “Research-based teaching should be practiced at all levels, joining a knowledge of content with effective teaching strategies and bridging pedagogy to andragogy,” writes Varner. Inside Higher Ed (International)