Independent review calls for changes to NS student unions

February 24, 2015

Student unions in Nova Scotia have not evolved to keep up with changes in their size and complexity, according to a new independent review commissioned by StudentsNS. The report calls for significant changes to student union governance structures in the province. Its recommendations include transitioning from workgroup boards to governing boards; amending existing policies so that the President is elected by the board from among its members; clarifying the role of the General Manager, simplifying election rules, and eliminating constituency-specific representatives in favour of active constituency engagement. The report further suggests that some student leaders' time should be freed up to allow them to work less on managerial tasks and more on stakeholder consultation and leadership. "This report proposes ways for student unions to be more inclusive and representative of the diversity of the student body. Active engagement, governance by a compensated board, and improved election processes would help to get more students involved and mitigate the current preponderance of higher income students and men," said Advisory Committee member Lisa Buchanan. StudentsNS News Release | Full Report