Indian man sought for falsely promising Canadian student visas

November 10, 2010

Police in Punjab are searching for an immigration consultant alleged to have tricked thousands of local families into believing that for a fee, he could guarantee their children a visa to study in Canada. Meanwhile, the Canadian Border Services Agency is investigating 3 Ontario colleges that continued to levy hundreds of thousands of dollars in admissions fees from "a high number" of prospective students from India, never questioning why the vast majority of applicants were denied permission to travel to Canada. The Toronto Star reports that Sandeep Ohri charged thousands of dollars to help students apply and gain admission to Toronto's InterCultural Academy Institute, Brampton's Academy of Learning, and North Bay's Canadore College. Few of Ohri's clients, if any, ever made it to Canada because their visa applications were typically supported by sham bank statements and financial documents, the Star reports. Toronto Star