Indian students perceive easy work visas for Canada

June 17, 2010

SPP, the Student Partners Program, is the new buzzword among Indian PSE applicants considering Canada, says Mel Broitman of the Canadian University Application Centre, in an online opinion piece. Designed to help the Canadian visa office address the problems of high visa refusal rates in areas such as the Punjab, the SPP puts responsibility on select Canadian community colleges to sign off on a list of accountability in terms of how they admit and invite students to Canada. Although not a guarantee of visa approval, he says education agents in India are promoting SPP as if "it's a magic carpet ride to Canada." This perceived guarantee may have led to an increase in the number of Indian students applying to Canadian community colleges, and has some recruiters wondering "how many students applying under SPP [will] actually convert to registrants and how many [will] arrive only to request a refund."  Higher-Edge