Indigenous, Black students, faculty experiencing structural issues in postsecondary institutions

March 4, 2021
Black and Indigenous students across Canada are continuing to experience racism and tokenism in higher education. An article from CBC explains that students, faculty, and staff have experienced anti-Black racism on Manitoba campuses and that structural inequalities have not been addressed in meaningful ways. “I think our leaders need to put new systems in place to hold our current systems accountable,” said University of Winnipeg student Keesha Harewood. The Star reports that Indigenous instructors’ work is also impeded by structural issues; while institutions are pushing to “Indigenize,” Indigenous faculty and leaders do not always feel supported, and poor screening of candidates can result in “ethnic fraud.” “That surface-level inclusion hasn’t really pushed colleges and universities to think deeply, critically and creatively about what it actually means to bring Indigenous people, students, communities, knowledge, pedagogies, research methodologies into these spaces,” says Hayden King, an Anishinaabe educator and adviser to the dean of arts on Indigenous education at Ryerson University. CBC | The Star (National)