Indigenous leadership calls for apology, change in how Indigenous identity is vetted

November 25, 2021
In a recent article from APTN News, Brett Forester highlights recent cases of Indigenous identity fraud and Indigenous leaders’ calls for institutions to improve. Kitigan Zibi Chief Dylan Whiteduck calls for postsecondary institutions to publicly apologize for insulting nations by empowering people who are not Indigenous to break the cycle of fraudulent claims. Whiteduck further says that institutions should communicate with local communities to verify the identity of Indigenous hires. University of Alberta Native Studies professor Kim TallBear said that institutions need to build relationships with local Indigenous communities in order to verify identity. “If an institution has no relations with the Indigenous communities in their area it’s a problem, because non-Indigenous people are simply unqualified, for the most part, to figure out who is Indigenous and how they belong to a community or not,” said TallBear. APTN News (National)