Indoor slides proposed for UBC's new Student Union Building

April 23, 2012

UBC's Alma Mater Society has conditionally approved 2 playground-style slides for the new $105-million Student Union Building (SUB), which is slated to open in time for the 2014-15 academic year. One slide would take students from the fourth floor to the third, while the other would take them from the third to the second. Not all students are happy with a portion of their fees supporting the slides, which cost $50,000 altogether. "You can do it if you're Google and you've got a bunch of money to throw around. But honestly, I'd rather see the money I'm putting into this school go to my education and not a playground for oversized children," says one first-year student. The student union's VP of administration hopes the slide will offer students an amusing diversion from the rigours of university. "Students have said they wanted something playful, something in the SUB where they could take a break from their studies," she says. Vancouver Province | CBC