Institutions launch funding initiatives for COVID-19 research

April 7, 2020

Several Canadian postsecondary institutions have established funds to support pandemic research. WE-SPARK Health Institute has launched a Rapid Response funding call open to researchers at the University of Windsor, St. Clair College, Windsor Regional Hospital, and Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare. The McGill University Health Centre’s foundation has created a $4M emergency fund for research and innovative treatment to fight COVID-19. Charles and Margaret Juravinski have gifted $3.3M to accelerate COVID-19 related brain health research at McMaster University as part of the newly formed Juravinski Research Institute. Western University has launched a $1M fund to support 20 interdisciplinary projects related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Western | WE-SPARK | Montéal Gazette | McMaster (ON, QC, NS)