Institutions make, adapt decisions on returning to class in person

January 24, 2022
Several postsecondary institutions across Canada have recently made and adapted their decisions on whether to return to classes in person. Most of the U15 institutions are choosing not to go back in person until January 31st or after. McGill University plans to go back to in-person education on January 24th, but continues to face push-back from students who feel unsafe at in-person lectures. Some institutions, such as Western University, are phasing in in-person education, while others, such as the University of Toronto, will reduce in-person activity. Queen’s University is offering students rebates to not return to residence until February 28th. In the east, Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer of Health released a statement saying that it is safe for institutions to resume in-person learning with appropriate safety measures in place. The Globe and Mail | Atlantic Universities (National)