Instructors can help address student wellness through in-class activities: Opinion

November 29, 2019

“Asking students how they are really doing should not be a rare occurrence,” writes Andrew Joseph Pegoda. The author notes that for several years, they have been scheduling a mid-semester wellness check-in for their students with “amazing” results. Pegoda begins the wellness class by instructing students to take 10-15 minutes to call someone they care about that they have not spoken with in a while. Following that exercise, students are asked to sit in a circle and are asked questions like: “How are you really doing? How is school and work? What family member is driving you crazy? How are things in my class really going for you?” Although acknowledging that such an exercise may not be replicable in every classroom, Pegoda encourages all instructors to consider instituting some sort of in-class wellness practice. Inside Higher Ed (International)