Interdisciplinary research, interpretation should not strive to imitate the sciences: Opinion

September 8, 2021
Interdisciplinarity is not about avoiding, emulating, or imitating the “hard sciences,” but is about creating knowledgeable interchanges between humanities and science, writes Harvey J Graff. Some in the humanities attempt to imitate science by mixing terms and information in seemingly “scientific” ways, but the author argues that this can create confusion and misses the opportunity to explore the subject in new ways Graff instead encourages those engaging in interdisciplinary research and interpretation to use relevant scholarly research and literary criticism to create an interchange between the humanities and sciences. “[S]cience can be a false and misleading goal/god,” writes Graff. “This is particularly true when academics imitate an image of ‘science’ uncritically and outside its historical and intellectual context.” Times Higher Ed (Editorial)