International Baccalaureate grads to get grade boost

April 16, 2014

Ontario schools offering the elite International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program will soon enact changes to the way that percentages are calculated from IB exams and course work, in order to allow students to compete with perceived provincial grade inflation. Many top programs at PSE institutions have raised the entrance requirements to as high as 90%, but with the previous IB percentage calculation, an IB student who receives a 5 out of 7 would be given a percentage range of 80-89%. As of September, this will be calculated as 84-92%. The intent behind the change is to ensure that IB graduates do not miss out on university spots and scholarships. Although there is a perception of grade inflation across Canada, many educators and officials deny its existence. “It is important that end-of-term or end-of-year marks do not misrepresent the student’s actual achievement,” said Lauren Ramey, a spokeswoman for Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals. Nova Scotia made similar changes in 2011. Globe and Mail