International initiative to cure HIV receives $26.5M USD grant

September 1, 2021
An international collaborative research endeavour studying a cure for HIV has received a $26.5M USD grant over five years from the National Institute of Health (NIH). The HIV Obstruction by Programmed Epigenetics (HOPE) Collaboratory, which involves research organizations and postsecondary institutions from around the world, will use knowledge about virus inactivation to attempt to remove HIV from the body. Dr Pauline Sameshima of Lakehead University will play a lead role in developing the Community Arts Integrated Research (CAIR) plan, which will develop an HIV cure curriculum that will resonate with people from different countries and under-represented backgrounds. “The arts are a unique and powerful vehicle for knowledge dissemination, one that will help to increase HIV cure literacy,” said Sameshima. Lakehead | Gladstone (International)