International student enrolment in BC grows

June 10, 2014

A record number of international students enrolled at British Columbia PSE institutions in 2012–13, according to new figures. The province saw a 20% increase in international students, growing from 94,000 in 2009–10 to 112,800 in 2012–13. The increase was largely driven by applicants from India and China, whose numbers increased by 188% and 68%, respectively, over the 3-year period. The influx of international students has also benefited the BC economy. The new figures say that international students spent approximately $2.3 billion in BC on tuition, accommodation, and other living expenses, as well as on arts, culture, and recreation. This figure marks a 28% increase from 2009–10. International students’ dollars helped support 25,500 jobs. BC hopes to increase the number of international students coming to the province by 50% by 2016, in accordance with the federal International Education Strategy. BC News Release