International students a focus of London as "Education City"

March 23, 2012

London Ontario Mayor Joe Fontana emphasized last week a key goal of his "education city" vision, to attract more international students to London, potentially as permanent residents. The education boost would be accompanied by an economic one, says Fontana, noting that each student would bring upwards of $50,000 in "economic value" to London. Fanshawe College's VP of student services sees plenty of potential to generate revenue for the city, and, more importantly, to provide students with opportunities to stay and work after graduation. Fanshawe currently has about 1,300 international students, accounting for approximately 8% of the college's enrolment. Fontana's "Education City" vision includes transforming City Hall and adjacent concert hall Centennial Hall into a new downtown Western U campus. University officials are close to submitting a downtown campus proposal. London Free Press (March 21) | London Free Press (March 22)