Internships help business students land job offers

August 20, 2014

The results of a new survey published in Businessweek suggest that completing a “business-related internship” correlated with the likelihood of US business students receiving a job offer. 75% of business students who responded to the survey reported that they had completed an internship; of those, 61% of respondents received a job offer by the winter of their senior year. Among those students who did not complete an internship, only 28% had a job offer at the same point. The impact of completing an internship varied depending on industry. Fields like financial services, technology, and consulting saw the most sizeable gaps, while the gap was less significant in health care, advertising and public relations, and nonprofits. The data may be somewhat skewed by the hiring practices of significant industries. Consulting firms, for instance, are more likely to actively recruit upper-year students than some other fields, while nonprofits may be more likely to hire closer to graduation. Businessweek