iPad integration, increased bandwidth at Olds College

February 26, 2013

Celebrating its centennial this year, Alberta-based Olds Colleges notes that this year students and instructors will be engaged in collaborative projects using iPads, the campus will offer the highest bandwidth per student in the country, and students will learn what it's like to be an entrepreneur by using an iPad application that is a gamified course. College instructors are currently preparing for iPad integration for this September. "We think the iPad is the best mobile learning device available today," says the college's VP academic and research. "Olds College will be the first fully integrated iPad learning environment in Canada. We are future-proofing the college for the digital generation." By September, the college will move to 1GB high speed Internet, thus having more bandwidth per student than any other PSE institution in Canada, and will upgrade its Wi-Fi to allow up to 2 devices per person to be connected in all educational spaces. Olds College is also launching gamified curriculum, providing an iPad-based app in entrepreneurship for students. All new students entering the college with a longer-term certificate, diploma, or applied degree will be required to complete this app as part of a graduation requirement. Olds College